Home of Painless Braces™

Our office is a patient centered practice totally dedicated to make sure our patients get a beautiful smile without pain! Our Painless Braces™ System includes:

  • Dr. Nicholson puts the braces on and takes them off.
  • We use the highest quality clear & metal braces, same price.
  • We bond our small braces with the Laser-Light™ System.
  • Our treatment starts off slow and continues with light forces.
  • We use popular colors and make the treatment fun.
  • We do NOT use Headgear or TAD’s/Implants.
  • We do NOT HURT our patients.
We are currently accepting new patients and a referral is not necessary. Call today for a FREE Consultation at our Hattiesburg, Petal, or Oak Grove office.

The United States Patent Office granted Dr. Nicholson three patents for his innovative idea, which is known as the Laser-Light™ Bonding System for Braces. He licensed this state-of-the-art system to several companies, and today it has become the preferred way orthodontists bond braces to their patient’s teeth.